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Your 11-Step Guide to ERP Implementation Planning Success

What Will The Guide Give You?

Your Step-by-Step Guide to ERP Implementation Success

A step-by-step guide to planning a successful ERP implementation - from data cleansing to user training, this guide has it covered.

Expert Implementation Advice

Compiled by experienced ERP project managers, you'll get real-world knowledge and understanding about the challenges you'll face when planning and implementing ERP. 

A Framework For Your Implementation Plan

Implementation priorities and critical areas are identified and examined giving you a practical framework for your plan.

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How About An Extract?

It would be easy to expect that after tens of thousands of business implementations, ERP software ought to be mature enough to just run the “install wizard”, go get a cup of coffee, and come back to a completed ERP system. Unfortunately, ERP systems are so flexible and complex that a huge success factor for an ERP implementation is aggressive and extensive testing.
Testing requires more than just assigning manpower. It is an iterative process, which means not only testing, but evaluating problems, and fixing things. It means having valid master data available to support the test, and understanding the process you are testing. It means testing development objects, and how they interact with everything else. It means having a dedicated test client, which can be controlled and monitored. Each test leads to a bigger test, so there is a natural progression of testing sophistication over the course of an implementation.



Data Cleansing


Data cleansing is a critical success factor for any ERP project. The guide covers all the stages of ERP Data Cleansing that you need to plan.

The guide contains expert advice from experienced project managers on how to to plan an ERP implementation budget and stick to it.

All the requisite stages of ERP go-live are explained by ERP experts, from process adaptation to user testing and team building.

The Team Behind The Guide

Shane Starr

Shane Starr is an ERP project manager with extensive experience planning ERP projects as well as manufacturing management, suppply chain, and strategic planning.

Tom Miller CPIM

Tom Miller is an experienced supply chain, logisitics and material control manager. Tom has experience implementing a range of ERP systems including SAP and Epicor ERP.

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